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What's Your Solar Score?
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What's Your Solar Score?
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Not All Solar Inverters Are Created Equal...
When Considering A PV Solar System For Your Home, A Key Decision You Need To Make Is The Type Of Inverter To Install.
#1. Enphase Microinverters
Microinverters convert solar power into AC energy directly underneath each solar panel, making them the most efficient inverter on the market. 

#2. SolarEdge
SolarEdge is a string inverter that only works when power optimizers are installed which isolate themselves from the rest of the array when there is shade. 

#3 Fronius
Fronius is a top-rated string inverter manufacturer. They're known for their reliability. 
Our full-service packages include:
  • Lifetime Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Production Guarantee
  • Double-Protection Warranty
Protection From Blackouts & Peak Demand Charges
Recent technological advancements to lithium ion-batteries have caused informed homeowners to take another look at their options. What they’re finding is that financially, it pencils out!  
Bella Is California's #1 Full-Service 
Solar Contractor
"Our goal is to understand your energy independence goals and provide you with the best performing, most reliable, and competitively priced renewable energy solution available. We are technology and vendor-neutral and therefore we can provide the best solution to achieve your goals and address your concerns."
- Kevin Haines/ CEO of Bella Construction
From Our Customers
"Fantastic experience with Bella. They went above and beyond to ensure I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the installation process." 
- John S. (Fresno)
“Bella did a great job all around. Our bill is much lower since the system was turned on and we're very happy with our decision and wish we'd done it sooner!" 
- Cynthia B. (Modesto)
"Had a great experience with Bella and the team. Fast, professional, and very well priced! I feel great working with a local contractor"
- Jimmy K. (Bakersfield)
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